Sunday, March 8, 2009

March Events

Happy Birthday to Michele!

Happy 6th Birthday to Gannon!

Happy Birthday to Misti!

Happy Anniversary to Misti and Ryan!

Happy Anniversary RH and Tricia!

February Events

Happy 12th Birthday to Chandler!

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy 10th Birthday to Nick!

January Events

January is a pretty tame month for the Larson Family!

Welcome 2009!

We found out in December that later in 2009 there will be another addition to the Larson Family! Mack and Valerie are expecting a new baby later in the year! Congrats you two!

and a special Happy Birthday to Wendi!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

December Events

Happy Anniversary to Justin and Donna!

Merry Christmas to everyone!
Happy Birthday to Valerie! One of the best Christmas presents for our family!
Happy New Year!

November Events

Happy Birthday to Stefani!

Happy 9th Birthday to Dayton!

Happy 19th Birthday to Rett!

Happy Thanksgiving! Yeah for family time!

Happy Birthday to Brett!

October Events

Happy 16th Birthday Caden!
Happy Birthday to Mack!
Happy Birthday to Hollis!
Happy Birthday to Angela!
Happy 12th Birthday to Abbie!
Happy 3rd Birthday to Jade!
Happy Birthday to RH and to Katie for her 14th! (They are birthday buddies!)
Happy 16th Birthday Garett!
Happy Birthday to Ryan!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Busy September Events

Happy Birthday 15th Austin!

Happy 8th Birthday Olivia!

Happy Birthday to Donna!

Congratulations to the Newlyweds! Mack and Valerie tied the knot on Sept 6th!

Congratulations to Olivia on her baptism!

Happy Birthday Grandpa Webb

Happy Anniversary to Nolan and Michele!

Happy 8th Birthday and Congratulations to Shelby on her Baptism!